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Discover African - first listen is free

Listen to new stories from Africa, even in local native language.

Why PortableVoices?

Engaging Stories from Africa

We tell original stories from Africa unavailable elsewhere, creatively told by professional voice artists and best selling African authors. Even in local native language.

Listen Anytime, Anywhere

Our programs are personalized to fit your calendar and mood. Listen online and offline on any device, anywhere. We have every book to fit your all day routines.

Always Available Library

Enjoy the freedom of personalized listening. Create and keep your own library of your purchases and wishlist. Library remains even if you switch devices.

Reviving the African Heritage

We rekindle the old times of listening to old stories around fires and under the tree. Listen to African legends, myths, and heroic adventures told by local elders.

Starts at KSH. 960/month after 30 days.
Cancel anytime.

Getting Started

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What you get
Free 30 days membership trial, plus a bonus book to get you started.
3 credits enough to buy and stream any book, drama or podcast regardless of initial price.
Exclusive members-only benefits and discounts.
Access to ad-free premium podcasts, spoken words and classics exlusively curated for you.
Your own library to create and update. You keep your books and programs, even if you cancel or switch device.
A community to share and discuss books and ideas you love.
Dedicated support team to assist and recommend best reads for you.

Starts at KSH. 960/month after 30 days.
Cancel anytime.


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