Help us set up the first ever portable story houses in Kibera

We are raising $7000 to help more people start expressing themselves creatively.

Nowadays, there is so much information released to the public domain that people are barely not sure what matters to them anymore. They receive the information as the latest news, but the next question is, how does this matter to me? What solution does it offer?

Just like  many of you, it matters to us that the information we receive be entertaining, educating, and most importantly help us solve problems for ourselves and the community.

Podcasting is such a powerful story telling tool that many people are yet to learn about in Kenya, East Africa and  even Africa. In a continent where great minds live, this tool will help everyone to be greatly involved in shaping future social-economic development goals for sustainable development.

PortableVoices is coming in to help people express themselves and even go ahead to implement creative ideas through our first ever  podcasting platform and services. Your donations will help us to:

  1. Set up the first ever one of its kind Open podcasting studio in Kibera
  2. Purchase portable podcasting tools that will be accessible to everyone to learn and enhance their broadcasting skills
  3. Make weekly problem solving podcasts based on current  public affairs
  4. Initiate podcasting related self-empowerment programs among the ever growing youths in Kibera, and
  5. Introduce podcasting into schools.

Help us spread freedom of expression and community empowerment!


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